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What’s Stopping Me?

One of the characteristics of how I work with clients now is that I am always pointing them towards the power of thought in the moment. Whatever we are feeling at any given point in time is always simply a reflection of the transient stream of thought running through us. External circumstances, the past, the future,  people, places or things have no power to create an individual’s experience. Only what we think about those various factors (or anything else) has the power to create a feeling or experience. The value of bringing into awareness of this essential step – which has been largely overlooked until now – can be immense. Nothing outside of us has the power to dictate how we feel.

One complication even for those who understand this work is that much of our ‘Thought in the moment’ is so fast, or so invisible that we are unaware of it. It is only when we brush up against a moment of clarity, that it begins to become visible.

Like an iceberg, only 10-15% of our thinking is visible. The rest is below the level of awareness. Unlike some other approaches my work does not involve significant time and effort trying to uncover where our invisible thinking or limiting beliefs stemmed from. Nor is there any effort put into fighting them. Simply by enabling a person to understand the phenomenal power of Thought in the moment, areas where invisible thinking is creating problems come to the fore. This is done through conversation and deep listening.

For example a client might want to be in a relationship and find love is eluding them. Almost certainly there is silent or invisible Thought at play, because it is our innate nature to connect. Perhaps it is an unrealistic timescale: they have only been single for a very short period. Perhaps it is a hidden thought that they don’t deserve or can’t have a fulfilling relationship.  Perhaps it is a thought that ‘love hurts.’ Indeed the possibilities are endless…

Any chronic issue that someone has had difficulty in eliminating may have invisible thought behind it. The good news is that no matter how long the ‘problem’ has existed, it is only one thought deep and can be eliminated at any moment through fresh thinking.

What a coaching or training session can do is create space for insight, allowing these invisible thoughts to dissolve. And the delightful thing is that once a client has had one deep insight into the nature of Thought as the creator of experience, others will follow. There is an inevitable evolution towards more freedom and less restricting thoughts. This can occur even without having to ‘work on the problem.’ This way of working is sometimes described as a process of subtraction. A shedding of unhelpful limiting beliefs, which reveals more peace and wellbeing.

If you would like to know more about the way invisible thought can impact your life please do get in touch.

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