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Igniting the Spark Within

A series of 4 free meet-ups

Created for ‘Join the Dots’

Tuesday 2 July 2019 3-5pm [then 9, 16 & 23 July]

@ Wise Group, 58 Charlotte Street, Glasgow G1 5LD

All very welcome.

Sometimes things can appear to go very wrong in life for a while. Yet whatever has happened in your past or whatever you might have done, there is a spark inside that never goes out.

These meet-ups are designed to help you re-connect with your Inner Spark, help you experience the genius and creativity within, and find support as you go forward in life.

The basis of these meet ups is very different from what you might already have tried. We know that the answers you need are already within you. This series is designed to help you find these answers for yourself. 

Discover what you are effortlessly good at. Find flow in every area of your life. Learn how it is possible to feel more connected to others. Notice how you can avoid problems that used to trip you up. 

Join like minded people – clients, volunteers and staff – in a relaxed setting and get ready for a life beyond your dreams. 

Facilitated by Christian McNeill


How to Actually Achieve Work/Life Balance 

Flourishing at Work and Loving Life

A Twilight Workshop with Christian McNeill and Lynne O’Brien

Wednesday 29 May 2019: 6.30 – 9pm 

@ Heart of Scotstoun Community Centre, Glasgow

Cost: £35

  • Are you convinced that external circumstances leave you with no LIFE in the work/life balance…. the culture at work, ‘it’s part of my personality’ or workload?
  • Are you feeling stressed and even burnt out, and believing it’s inevitable?
  • Do you live for the holidays? Or even find yourself too busy to take them? 
  • Are you plagued by self doubt or imposter syndrome?

What if we said it didn’t have to be like this? What if everything you think is getting in the way of flourishing, is a myth which you are mistaking for truth?

This workshop is about allowing some of those myths to dissolve; realising how we can do more – with less time and less effort, and enjoy work AND life.

Importantly, we will NOT be giving you new practices and techniques to learn. Instead we will be helping you subtract and dissolve some of the blocks to thriving. Leave with less on your mind. 

We aim to help you to shift the balance back to you and find flow in every area of your life. 

About us: 

Christian McNeill is a coach, facilitator and trainer based in Glasgow. Her work is founded in the Inside-out Understanding. She was an advocate for many years then a tribunal judge and judicial manager.

Lynne O’Brien is a business & wellbeing coach and has been a manger & leader in public services for many years. She is currently studying an MBA.

Lynne is qualified in counselling, nlp, hypnotherapy and for the last 6 years her coaching has been based on the inside – out understanding. 

For more information please get in touch.

To book please make payment to:


Sharing The 3 Principles Paradigm – Mentoring and Support Group for Facilitators

16 May 2019 at 6pm UK on Zoom

Cost £60 [£47 early bird]

When I first stumbled across this understanding over 8 years ago, the story went that being an effective facilitator was all about grounding. I’ve come to see that that’s only partly true.

Certainly having an insightful grounding in the Inside-out understanding is essential. But it may not be enough. For the last 6 years I have been sharing this work with a diverse bunch of individuals, groups and organisations. I have collaborated with dozens of other teachers. I have mentored many too. I have also made tons of mistakes.

Several clients in Scotland where I live were keen to be part of a mentoring group. It occurred to me to do it online, so that it can be offered more widely. This also means that there will be access to recordings.

So I am going to run the course for 5 weeks from Thursday 16 May, at 6pm UK time. Calls will take place over Zoom and will last for 75 minutes. I will also share resources with the group each week. There will be a private FB group where I will post recordings and resources.

If you are looking for support in sharing this work or would like some ideas about pitfalls to avoid or would like to connect with potential collaborators, this could be for you.

We will cover:

  • Uncovering the low-hanging fruit right in front of you
  • 5 Pitfalls to avoid
  • Structure of a group session
  • The magic of collaboration
  • Turning red tape into opportunity
  • Responding to the unfolding

If you have been around the 3PP for a year or more and are now moving into teaching or facilitation, this might be the resource you need. The group is designed to be participatory and interactive. I’m happy to share my best insights and worst mistakes. And help you actually take the next steps. If you have a project that you would like to bring to fruition that would be ideal.

I have priced the series at the same as a single session with me: £60. There is an early bird offer of £47 until 10 May. Participants will also have the option of a half price 1:1 session, if they wish.

Although I am leading the group, we will also be relying on the magic of the hive mind to co-create this experience.



Flourishing Teachers Programme 2019

Glasgow : 18/19 Jan and 1/2 Feb – Completed

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