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Why You Can’t Slip A Thought Past the Body

A series of 4 x 90 minute Conversations

With Mavis Karn & Christian McNeill

Weekly from 20 April – 11 May 2022 at 4pm UK, 10am Central [Cost £129]


Have you ever been curious about what the expression ‘Look for a Feeling’ means?

Have you noticed that every feeling also manifests in the body?

Are you aware of how all feelings/sensations are designed to help you? 

In this series we will explore how understanding the thought/feeling/body connection can lead to a deeper experience of peace. 

If any of this attracts you please do join us for what promises to be a profound and touching experience. 

The conversation will be guided by the needs of group members. You can raise any topic you want on the calls. There will be an opportunity for each member of the group who wishes it to raise any issue that’s important to them, to do so in a safe space.

To book please make payment to  

Please include a note of the email address you wish to use for zoom and recording links. 

About us: 

About us: Mavis Karn is a veteran teacher, counsellor and mentor, who has worked with people from every walk of life for over 40 years. She is a powerful guide who invariably touches her clients deeply. 

Christian McNeill is a 3 Principles practitioner and is the co-author of Addiction: One Cause, One Solution.

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