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Transformation & Abundance Mentality


One of the areas in which I have had a major transformation in my life is around abundance.

Although I was born into a relatively comfortable middle class family, we lived at times as though we were on the bread line. Some practices were pretty green before their time. We saved all our paper and sold it to a paper company. All waste food was dug into the garden. We grew fruit – a great success – and veg – not so much, due to the slug infestation in the cauliflower cheese! But there was also a real sense of scarcity and anxiety around money.

The other significant adult in my young life was my granny, who worked hard in a shop for a low wage and later was on state pension. She however did not have a poverty mentality. And somehow she was both generous and able to do everything she wanted in life including 2 long holidays in Australia.

I innocently and automatically bought into the scarcity mentality from a young age. It seemed to me that money was both important and difficult to obtain. I got my first job at 13 in a shop and always worked from that point. For almost 20 years, whatever job I was doing, I was always out of cash at the end of the month, in overdraft, living close to the wire and finding it impossible to save anything.


Then having stumbled into a 12-step spirituality, I had an insight, which I perhaps see more clearly in retrospect. In a book on living abundantly I read [and really ‘got’] that in order to create solvency, you have to spend less than you earn and invest the rest. Staying out of arguments about other methods of building wealth, there was a simplicity and a truth in this uncomplicated expression, that resonated with me. It enabled me to see that, without even realising it I was the one keeping myself stuck in a place of struggling over money. That realisation swept away layers of invisible thought that had created my financial issues. Obviously it wasn’t just the phrase. The magic was in a new level of awareness. There was a change in my energy around this. Today I know that something got unblocked upstream as well. Without setting any goals or forcing myself to follow a budget or a programme, I was out of debt within a few months and have remained so for over 2 decades. And for most of that time I’ve had an abundance mentality. Which doesn’t mean I’m particularly wealthy, just that I know I have more than enough for my needs. It has become largely a non-issue.

There was one period where I fell out of this abundance mindset. When I first became a single mother to two young children, there was a dramatic change in my state of mind. As well as a big dip in household income, I plunged myself into lots of fearful beliefs about the future. My abundance mindset faltered for quite a long time. Then in a conversation with a wise friend, he observed that I was ‘punching below my weight’ in my career. Again this touched something in me. Something upstream of all my gloomy, limited beliefs, which were released. Without obvious effort I was offered a well-paid job and our little family’s needs were met.

In each of those experiences, the words that resonated while sensible and true were not the key. There was a realisation that occurred upstream of the intellectual understanding.

Clients seeking transformation often find this frustrating at first, as it’s an experience that is outwith conscious control. There is no 10 step process. Yet as we explore their life, often a similar kind of change has occurred for them in some area. And the process of exploring the 3 Principles commonly results in similar transformations, even in areas of life long struggle.

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