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The Bearable Lightness of Being

Each of us has a natural lightness of being which is sufficiently buoyant to balance the things which come our way. What can tip our experience into unbearable is our own Thinking about these events. Sometimes consciously, but more often innocently, unconsciously and automatically, we entertain habits of thinking which turn our experience of events into the unbearable. Memories of past hurt and unfairness, comparison with others who have apparently avoided our bad luck and fear or despair about the future are all examples of Thinking which makes a challenging situation intolerable. And what is more they are often distortions of the truth. It almost certainly hasn’t ‘always been like this,’ no matter what your thoughts and feelings say in a low point. No one is getting through life untouched by loss or change. And the future is always an incomplete equation. 

When we bring our focus back to this day and this moment, our natural resilience often kicks in. ‘What do I need right now?’ ‘Is there anything to be done immediately?’ ‘What could comfort me?’ ‘Is there someone I could connect with?’ All of these are questions which point back to the present moment and our Inner Wisdom. With that comes peace of mind. 

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