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Each client is unique and I am always happy to tailor training to your own needs. Some of the ways that I work with clients include:

Individual Coaching

Maybe you have a challenge that keeps hanging around despite your best efforts. Maybe you are juggling the demands of a professional role and need a coach with similar experience, who understands the requirement for absolute discretion. Maybe you require an experienced consultant on your team, who is independent of the organisation, yet wholly committed to your success and your wellbeing. 

£60 per session; £300 for a 6 session package.

1-1 Intensive

Transform Your Life in a Week. Whatever stage you are at in uncovering the 3 Principles Paradigm, this 4 day intensive is created to enable you to dive deeper. Normally these take the form of a retreat in beautiful surroundings in the West of Scotland giving you a break from everyday life.

£1995 [Excludes cost of accommodation.]

If you want to find out more please call 07946 533 706 for a  conversation. Together we can come up with the package that is right for you.

Working with Christian is like ‘applying  WD40 to very stuck problems. She is able to support a shift in perspective to enable people to become unstuck and get into a more productive mindset.”

Free Monthly Webinar

If you would like to get a sense of how my colleagues and I work you would be very welcome to join my free monthly webinar via


For organisational training please check out:

I have a YouTube channel with a variety of interviews and presentations on this work:

Here is a video about my work recorded with colleagues Debra Simmons and Lucy Sheffield:

Listen to psychiatrist Bill Petit describe the effectiveness of this work:

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