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Organisational Training

My now life up until now has been unusual and varied which is part of what makes my coaching so effective. During my years as a lawyer, my strengths were strategy and the ability to see the entire picture with clarity. I love identifying the ‘critical inch’ in any issue. As a consultant my ability is to bring a laser focus onto the organisational blocks that are preventing the business flourish. I am adept at enabling teams to discover that clarity for themselves. Without that nothing changes. From there it is a short step to generating fresh solutions that are actually implemented. The net result is consistent effectiveness.

An Introduction To Resilience At Work

A one day programme delivered in a group setting. Focussing on developing our most powerful, yet often least utilised human capacities. I have successfully presented this to groups as diverse as doctors, voluntary sector CEOs and private sector leaders. It can be delivered to larger group or tailored for a small leadership circle in a seminar called Leading from Resilience.

Gill Gray of CfEL wrote: ‘Her skill is to identify that everyone has inner resources which they often vastly underestimate – she demonstrated how to utilise this untapped resource by illustrating how the mind really works in controlling our thoughts. Christian gave us a taster of how, through the phenomenon of insight, we can realign ourselves with the optimal operation of our minds. Clarity, resilience and resourcefulness are the outcomes. What a session – wonderful!’

One teacher with 29 years experience, in a pilot here in Scotland, reversed an intention to leave teaching and stated, ‘Nothing has changed, yet everything is different,’

Flourishing at Work: A Transformational Programme

This involves a combination of 1 to 1 sessions, group sessions delivered off-site over the equivalent of 3 days, and webinar calls. Ideally for groups of 10 or more.

Designed to reduce stress and burnout, reawaken passion for the role, encourage creativity and resourcefulness. An ideal and cost effective solution for teams that are experiencing conflict or disengagement.

Bespoke Courses. If your organisation requires a more specialist approach, please get in touch. I would be delighted to create a course or event that meets your needs and budget. 

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