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Possibility Project

For me the greatest thing about Innate Health is the realisation that our capacity to generate new ideas, to have insight and to be inspired is absolutely unlimited when our minds are calm.
One of the suggestions I’ve borrowed from Michael Neill is to come up with a Possibility Project. The idea is to identify an outcome that you are drawn to – mine was to really love my work¬† – and to take those only those steps which you feel inspired and happy to take towards that outcome.
So in the last 10 weeks or so I’ve come up with the idea of making 7-9 am the time I consider my project, even if I’ve sometimes slept through part of it! Other days I’ve just done some writing. But I’ve often come up with ideas about the next thing to do in relation to my coaching business.
I’ve also done several presentations. In my legal work I’ve been seconded to recruitment for a couple of weeks, which is work I love.
I’ve attended a number of business seminars (thanks for that tip Lynne!) and a really enjoyable business network event and a sound workshop – which was just for fun.
My own coaching mentor has invited me to join her network and to attend an event in Birmingham.
I’ve met some great people IRL and online. I’ve finally got the hang of Skype. My new website is up and running and I can even add content…..

And I’ve been really energised by the whole thing.

So if you would like to play with this approach, you may want to try this. Think of something you’d like to have in your life, which you are willing to take an experimental approach to. An outcome that you are willing to move towards, taking only the steps that you are inspired to take, or enjoy taking, without effort.

Take some time to come up with the idea you are drawn to…which feels attractive to you.¬† And if you want to you can email me. Keep taking only those steps which you are inspired to take. Then see how things have unfolded in a week…..a month…..three months

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