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How Insight Leads to Evolution

The 3 Principles Paradigm points to a powerful truth about life: that the whole of anyone’s experience is being created moment-to-moment by the transient stream of thought running through them. When someone grasps this truth at depth I am always delighted. Because it is just the beginning. Anyone who has had insight about the truth of how the 3 Principles create our experience of life will evolve. Built into this logic is a funnel that leads us in an inevitable, evolutionary direction.

This is because once the true cause and effect has been understood deeply, it can’t be unseen. Even if it’s temporarily forgotten. And having been seen in one area, it will inevitably be seen in another. For example if a man sees insightfully that his road rage is not ‘caused’ by other drivers but by his own impatient, critical or angry thoughts, he may forget that at times, and get caught up in angry thought, but the truth will emerge ever more starkly. He will notice that he doesn’t always get angry or that his response is not consistent with the ‘trigger’ in other ways. Then he may notice that angry flare ups at home are more to do with his state of mind than his family’s ‘offences’. Next he may notice other people responding to what can only be their thinking, and not to external causes. Because this cause and effect is a deep truth, as he simply lives his life he will see more and more evidence of it. And more and more distressed thinking will be cast off, because it no longer seems helpful or inevitable.

Having a deep realisation that transient thought is the single constant in our psychological experience, can prompt profound peace and comfort. Instead of having to deal with endless external ‘problems’ we only ever have our thinking to deal with. And by its very nature, like a river, is in a state of constant change. So we don’t even need to fix that. Simply let it flow and don’t take the dark thoughts so seriously.

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