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Above the Clouds the Sun is Always Shining

I haven’t written a blog post for a while partly because a huge amount of time has been taken up with unusual events. A bizarre series of emergency household issues has led to days spent in builders merchant’s and local tradesmen on speed dial. Both my children are leaving university and in the throes of leaving accommodation. That involves clearing at home to make space for the stuff we are packing and clearing out of their university homes. And quite a lot of time to the computer support line with laptop issues.

Yesterday I was inspired by the photo illustrating this blogpost. It was taken by friend and estate agent, Fergus Lindsay and posted by him on FB. As far as I know he is not familiar with the 3 Principles Paradigm. And yet he used the same metaphor that many 3P coaches use to describe one of the simple truths about life.

Our essence, our light, our core being is always present. And sometimes it is obscured by clouds – such as worry about health problems, rows or household issues. Or even about much darker events. But no matter what is going on, each of us is still whole, healthy and resilient on the inside.

One immense benefit of understanding the Inside-out paradigm is this: we know that an event or circumstance can never create upset or painful feelings. Distress can only come from our moment to moment thinking, which may include thinking about those events. No matter how big a circumstance is, it has no inherent power to dictate how any human being will feel. That power comes entirely from the stream of thought running through each of us. One of the features of thought is that it is ever changing. As people come to see the truth of this, they realise that they are only ever dealing with Thought in the moment as the generator of feelings. Circumstances themselves become more neutral even if immediate action is required. 

Let me illustrate with a couple of examples. A firefighter climbing the ladder to rescue someone from a fire is facing a situation that might freak me out [due to my thinking about fires]. Yet he or she is almost certainly focussed and even calm while working. A paramedic will routinely face injuries that some of us would struggle to look at. Yet he or she will be clear minded and effective as they tend to the injured person. If the circumstance had an innate capacity to create human experience, how would this be possible?

At a more mundane level, the last leak in my home saw me watching in dismay as water filled basins. My thoughts were all over the place. What further damage might be done? How much would it cost? Was I jinxed?  Meantime the builder was whistling as he pulled off tiles and plasterboard to discover the source. And the dismay I was feeling was a reflection not of the situation but of the dismaying thoughts I was feeling. I realised what was occurring and decided to go out and allow my head to clear.

Knowing about the 3 Principles doesn’t mean that I – or anyone else – avoids the clouds of thought, which are the creators of our darker feelings. It does mean that I know I am only ever dealing with current thought which will change, even without external circumstances changing. This knowledge alone creates a much lighter and more hopeful experience of life.

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