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Category: The 3 Principles

Does the Addictive Personality Exist?

We each have the possibility of realising that the waking experience is more like dreaming than we had understood. Although experience is being created from our own thoughts, imagination and creativity, we felt like we were passive recipients of people’s actions and external events, just like dreaming. … Continue readingDoes the Addictive Personality Exist?

Don’t Die Over a Misunderstanding

Suicidal feelings…are usually a whole host of misunderstandings that are being combined and taken seriously to create what feels like intolerable pain. What if this stream of horror is no more real or significant than a nightmare? … Continue readingDon’t Die Over a Misunderstanding

What Dr. Foster and Other Stalkers Can Teach Us

Whenever we are upset with a family member, boss or anyone else, the false belief that ‘they made me feel like this,’ is present.And the moment any of us can remember the question, ‘Where do I think my feelings are coming from in this moment?’ we are reawakening to the true answer: from within. … Continue readingWhat Dr. Foster and Other Stalkers Can Teach Us

Above the Clouds the Sun is Always Shining

One immense benefit of understanding the Inside-out paradigm is this: we know that an event or circumstance can never create upset or painful feelings. Distress can only come from our moment to moment thinking, which may include thinking about those events. No matter how big a circumstance is, it has no inherent power to dictate how any human being will feel. … Continue readingAbove the Clouds the Sun is Always Shining

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