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Category: Anxiety

Why You Are Unbroken, Even if You Experienced #ACEs

It seems to me that the single most effective way of obscuring these inner resources is holding onto the mistaken belief that ‘I am broken.’ The good news is that the moment any of us open to this inner wellspring, fresh thinking, peace of mind and creativity start to flow.The more any one gets a sense of who and what they really are, the more resilience and resourcefulness are uncovered.  … Continue readingWhy You Are Unbroken, Even if You Experienced #ACEs

Don’t Die Over a Misunderstanding

Suicidal feelings…are usually a whole host of misunderstandings that are being combined and taken seriously to create what feels like intolerable pain. What if this stream of horror is no more real or significant than a nightmare? … Continue readingDon’t Die Over a Misunderstanding

Above the Clouds the Sun is Always Shining

One immense benefit of understanding the Inside-out paradigm is this: we know that an event or circumstance can never create upset or painful feelings. Distress can only come from our moment to moment thinking, which may include thinking about those events. No matter how big a circumstance is, it has no inherent power to dictate how any human being will feel. … Continue readingAbove the Clouds the Sun is Always Shining

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