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Category: Addiction

Why You Are Unbroken, Even if You Experienced #ACEs

It seems to me that the single most effective way of obscuring these inner resources is holding onto the mistaken belief that ‘I am broken.’ The good news is that the moment any of us open to this inner wellspring, fresh thinking, peace of mind and creativity start to flow.The more any one gets a sense of who and what they really are, the more resilience and resourcefulness are uncovered.  … Continue readingWhy You Are Unbroken, Even if You Experienced #ACEs

Does the Addictive Personality Exist?

We each have the possibility of realising that the waking experience is more like dreaming than we had understood. Although experience is being created from our own thoughts, imagination and creativity, we felt like we were passive recipients of people’s actions and external events, just like dreaming. … Continue readingDoes the Addictive Personality Exist?

Rethinking Addiction

The good news is that no matter how compelling the craving appears it is actually made of thought, which of its nature is transient. No matter how far the habit has gone, nor what trouble has ensued, there is a core part of you which is intact and healthy. You are not broken, even if you feel like you might be. There is also an innate human capacity for insight. … Continue readingRethinking Addiction

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