Christian McNeill


Coaching That Changes Lives.

My coaching work is based on the Three Principles Paradigm. This understanding of how human beings operate psychologically first emerged 50 years ago. These principles, once understood can create profound change.

Based in Scotland, I work with a wide variety of people in many countries: from CEOs, to creatives, to people struggling with mood or unwanted behaviours.

Sessions are relaxed and conversational, yet often profoundly impactful. Which is why its described as transformative coaching. Individual sessions can take place in person, via zoom or phone or even as a walk and talk session. Whatever the client prefers.

I also host group seminars in person and online.

Through this work I have come to see that, ‘from a clear state of mind, no problem is insoluble.’


To learn more about the Three Principles Paradigm here is a link to one of my interviews on YouTube:


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