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About Christian McNeill

My route into coaching and training was via a 30 legal career. First I was an advocate [barrister] and then a tribunal judge.

During this time, on and off, I had my own struggles with addiction, overwhelm and stress – which is what propelled me into coaching in the first place. I’m trained in a number of schools of personal and spiritual development, including NLP and hypnotherapy. Yet until I discovered a very different basis of the Inside Out paradigm, I still often felt like a victim of circumstances. Times of feeling completely overwhelmed, and even burnt-out, occurred. The 3 Principles understanding radically altered that. It brought about change at depth in me. And now it’s the basis of my work with others.

The results have been transformational for me – and for countless others. In simple terms the last 10 years have been effortlessly  happy after many years of struggling to thrive.

Today I am a coach, trainer, mentor and consultantMy practice is founded in the Inside-out paradigm, and also informed by my experience as a lawyer.  I am passionate about enabling others to find the consistent peace of mind that has evolved for me. By unlocking the joy within, clients also unlock the practical solutions they need.

My philosophy: No matter what has occurred, each of us has an essence which is unbroken and unbreakable. We all have vast inner resources of wisdom, resilience and creativity which are often massively underestimated. My role is to help clients realise these untapped resources.

Most distress stems from misunderstanding how the mind really works. Through a series of conversations, drawing on examples from a client’s own life and through the phenomenon of Insight, I enable people to understand how their experience is being generated. Then they can realign themselves with the natural ebb  and flow of their mind. From there no problem is insoluble…

Here is a video about my work recorded with colleagues Debra Simmons and Lucy Sheffield:

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